Step Into Your Most

Authentic Expression

Do you have a unique vision for your life, but you’ve

let the world set the limits of what’s possible for you?


Are you living out of integrity with your own authentic

values and have settled for a pre-defined path that’s

not reflecting who you truly are on a soul level?  

Turn Your Vision Into a Tangible Reality

Do you find yourself in any of these?

✔ You’re a creative unconventional soul who has a vision for their life, but you keep abandoning yourself and your unique dreams;

✔ You’ve tried all kinds of different paths, but you just can’t seem to settle for a normal path or find your place in the world. . . 

You spend too much time visualizing and projecting, but struggle to take concrete action and tangible steps towards it;

You struggle to stick to that ONE IDEA to commit to in the longrun with all the other brilliant ones running in your head;

Thoughts like “What if it doesn’t work?” often come to your mind and sabotage your goals;

✔ You feel alone and misunderstood in your journey to bringing your vision into reality;

✔ You have a unique vision for your life, but feel so far away from your true potential;

FREEDOM and AUTHENTICITY are one of your highest values;

For most of my life, I felt like there was a huge gap between who I wanted to be and who I was actually being and where I was at in my life. . .

And most people around me would make fun of my dreams and aspirations. Because of that, I never felt like I could express who I was on the inside out into the world. All I ever wanted was to have the freedom to be myself fully out into the world and live a life that would reflect my values.

I knew that I didn’t come here to just settle for whatever path seemed to be available for me. . . I had my own unique path to carve out.

And if you’re here on this page, chances are, you might be feeling the same.

Let’s work together to remove the blocks to your most authentic reality.

Live Boldly Your Own Truth

True freedom begins when you give ourselves permission to live our own way and express our uniqueness.

I know what’s like to feel alone and misunderstood in your battle and struggle to take your ideas and unique vision off the ground.
And so I’ve build the right solution for you.

The Renegade’s Way is a 6-month 1:1 coaching container and a fast-track journey to turn your ideas into a tangible reality.

You’ll have full support, guidance and accountability, so that you can stay focused on building your vision.

And I’ll take care of all the limiting blocks and other dream-stealers that might be in your way. 👮‍♀️

Watch this video to learn more.

ANA O. – Identity & Soul-Alignment Coach

“My mission in this lifetime is to pave the way for unconventional souls to break the mold, live in their most authentic expression and inspire others with their unique vision.”

What others are saying

"I've been working with Ana for the last year and she's been extremely helpful as a coach. What I most like about her is that she's able to give helpful suggestions which I've implemented really to the point. I'm very grateful that I came across Ana and that she's my personal coach."

— Jakub D, entrepreneur & success coach

"Ana had a wonderfully calm and attentive presence that gave me the space to really hone into what felt the most important to me and why. I loved that she guided me into bringing out my own beliefs in a way that I wasn’t able to on my own - she helped reflect my focus back to my own wisdom and how I felt as I expressed what was important through this exploration. This really helped me capture a deeper sense of what felt more alive and why. Giving me some much needed clarity to trust my intuition and take action. Thank you Ana!"

— Mel H, self-love coach

"Ana is very skilled at knowing when to ask questions and when to give feedback and suggest new ideas. Her enthusiasm for my project showed how generous she is. She made me feel really seen and safe in our session. And asked excellent questions that helped me get really clear on what I'm doing and what I want to do better for myself, with a helpful discussion of how to get there. All the ingredients for an amazing coaching and growth experience."

— Audrey D, writer

"Her approach follows from the understanding of the human experience and from the deep work she have already done herself. Ana is an amazing being and an exceptional coach, so if you want to awaken your authentic self, be in harmony with your purpose and with life, if you want to bring your massage and essence in the world by contributing to the greater good, just reach out to her and you will be astonished by the the magic and the results that will occur."

— Ira K, humanitarian

"Ana is a brilliant and inspiring personality. She has built what she was missing when she went through challenging times herself. I think this is very valuable because it's not only theoretical but an experience that also she has gone through. Thank you!"

– Eva L, senior digital consultant

"I love working with Ana as my coach! Through her insightful reflections, intuitively focused questions, and skillful guidance, I always come away feeling energized, supported and inspired, knowing that I can take the next steps toward my dreams and goals. I know she is waiting expectantly to hear of my great successes!"

– Linda G, love coach

Breakthrough Sessions❤️


There are aspects of ourselves we aren’t able to access because we always act from a predictable space. The same habits and mindset we’ve build are a by-product of our identity and who we’ve known ourselves to be.

Authenticity is expanding beyond what we already know and releasing the attachment to an identity we’ve built as a result of past conditioning.


Do you want to expand beyond your current identity?

Feeling discouraged from not finding your place in the world?



Finding belonging on Earth, as a Renegade is challenging because the model of belonging that is out there requires us to give up on our authenticity to fit in. That’s NOT true belonging. But don’t get discouraged! Your soul family is out there.

Attracting our soul community comes as a result of us embodying our own truth and owning our story.



It can be very hard to listen to our soul’s calling with so much noise out there and people telling us who we should be or how to live our lives . . .

Our purpose is a personal journey that is uniquely tailored to our soul and not something we can find in any of the boxes available out there.


Are you trying to fit in the blueprint of what’s expected of you?


Come join the party?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very afraid to invest in myself. How do I know it's going to work?

Good! It means you’re a human being.

Fear is a normal biological response when faced with change and opportunities to stretch beyond what’s already known. That’s when most doubts, fears, and excuses will surface. Knowing this, moving past these fears is what ensures our growth and our alignment with our authenticity. It’s not the actual process that scares us, it’s our resistance to let go of what we’re holding onto that creates fear and the illusion of unsafety.

I got you, I promise!

I already work with a coach/therapist. How is this any different?

In every way!

This is not a regular coaching/healing session. It is a powerful activation and remembrance of your soul’s intention before coming here. You cannot undo this! When we remember who we are on a soul level, we can never go back to business as usual.

Only register if you’re ready for a massive shift in the ways you’ve been perceiving life and yourself. Most of all, check in with your soul. What does s/he say?

I never had a coach before. I don't see how can this experience really change my life in such a short amount of time?

Spending months and years in therapy or coaching is the model of the past! We now have technologies and access to new ways to accelerate growth and enhance human potential.

Also, please keep in mind that your results will depend on your commitment and your wililngness to take the leap. I won’t do the work for you. I’m here to facilitate the activation, but your mind, body and soul need to be full in.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yup, payment plans are available. Contact me for more info.

*We do not accept refunds for 1:1 sessions or live programs. This is a commitment we’re establishing at the beginning of our work together and needs to be respected all throughout. We need you fully immersed in the experience, not one step in and one step out.

How do I know we're a good fit?

Let’s have a chat to make sure this experience is 100% for you.

Here’s where you can book a slot:

Or ask me any questions here:

But deep down you know, dear soul! It’s just your mind getting in the way.

The Path to Radical Alignment

With Your Unique Vision

1x 90-min Clarity Session

In our initial session, we’ll build together your unique clear and complelling vision and a step-by-step plan to follow through.

10x Bi-monthly Alignment Sessions

I am an expert in seeing through my clients’ bullshit stories and bring them back into alignment with their most authentic selves.

There’s nothing else that brings more joy and fulfillment than to resurrect a beautiful soul lost in the trance of unworthiness and disbelief. 🤍

Together, we’ll bust through those limiting beliefs that keep you in a passive state of waiting. I am confident that each session will bring you closer and closer to your vision.


⚠️ Caution: Most Commonly Side Effects

As a result of our work together, you may experience some of the following symptoms: ego death, increased tolerance to external criticism, enhanced sense of freedom and fulfillment.

Now How Do We Do This?

My program will help you move beyond past conditioning to uncover your deepest truth and embody your most authentic self. Through my Soul-Alignment coaching method, we’ll be working together to peel back the layers and reconnect with the core of who you are and your unique path.

Here’s some of the tools that I’m using:

⚫ NEUROPLASTICITY: We cannot create real change unless our brain is truly on board with it! This is why it is important to rewire our brain to function in a new way that differs from how it previously functioned (the autopilot mind).

⚫ QUANTUM HEALING: the new breaktroughs in Quantum Physics opens a door for us to heal faster and to shifting energy at a quantum (or subatomic) level. We will be diving into concepts such as jumping timelines, quantum manifestation and shifting reality.

⚫ INNER-DYNAMICS: We generate our reality from the level of who we are. When we change our internal world, our external reality shifts as well. The power of understanding and processing our emotions, thoughts and energy blockages is key in discovering oneself.

⚫ SPIRITUAL CONCEPTS: In order for us to truly evolve into a higher version and to align with the frequency of our soul, we need to unveil some of the spiritual concepts that will help us bind everything together.

In essence, you’ll learn the blueprint and the pathway to soul-fulfillment. Clear away what’s holding you back from living the life your soul intended and embody the truth of who you are. Eager to finally meet this version of you?


The Renegade’s Activation

6 weeks coaching program

kick-start your journey to soul-alignment

What’s included?

  • (6) x 60-minute alignment sessions for support, guidance & accountability
  • 2 months access to my private Telegram container for accountability and ongoing support
  • Personalized tools, strategy and additional resources to assist you on your journey

6 sessions

6h deep-dive sessions


*payment plans available

2 months

full immersion into my private container

The Renegade’s Way

for ambitious rebel souls who
could never settle for a pre-defined path

6 months coaching & mentorship program

a fast track to your highest reality and unique vision

What’s included?

  • (1) x 90-minute clarity session with me to build your unique compelling vision & action plan 
  • (10) x 60-minute alignment sessions for support, guidance & accountability
  • (1) x 30-minute closing session for set you up for taking on the journey on your own;
  • 6 months access to my private Telegram container for accountability and ongoing support
  • Personalized tools, strategy and additional resources to assist you on your journey


  • A signed-with-love copy of my book UNBOXED: A Renegade’s Path to Authenticity, Belonging & Purpose 

12 sessions

12h+ deep-dive sessions


*payment plans available

6 months

full immersion into my private container