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your unique vision

🌏🔆we need your light to shine brighter on this earth

It’s very gray and dreary out there without it.

My services are designed and tailored for out-of-the-box visionaries, creatives, and quirky souls who cannot fit into a mundane box. Carving our own path and navigating the turbulent seas of uncertaincy can be challenging on our own.

I’m here to support you on your journey to bringing your unique authentic vision out into the world.

3 levels of support


Spiritual Guidance: Ask me anything related to your life purpose, soul path, spiritual journey etc. 💜



Light Codes have the ability to change the algorithms of the operating system you’ve been running on, as a result of you being exposed to the Matrix mind-controling programs and taking on the 3D world’s false disempowering belief systems, and code in a new system, a way of being that is in alignment with the 5D New Earth.

The end result is you returning to your original soul blueprint, freedom from the mind programming and aligning with the 5D New Earth timeline.


Why does finding and living our calling have to be such a struggle? I’m glad you asked.

We have deeply ingrained subsconscious programmings that prevent us from doing so.  And nothing brings me more joy than to ressurent a lost soul from the matrix hypnosis.

TThe New Earth Visionary Mentorship Program will take you from A to Z to build your unique vision. Get out of the Matrix and step into your unique soul purpose.



My work ethic revolves around personal sovereignty and does not encourage professional co-dependency. I strongly believe we all hold the key to our own evolution and the answers are always within us. This container is meant to serve as a catalyst for your spiritual journey and help you access that wisdom within yourself. Imagine this space as the back wheels for you to learn how to confidently ride on your own spiritual journey, as you relearn the langugae of your own intuiton and reconnect with your inner guidance.

My guidance should never override your own discernment.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I've been working with Ana for the last year and she's been extremely helpful as a coach. What I most like about her is that she's able to give helpful suggestions which I've implemented really to the point. I'm very grateful that I came across Ana and that she's my personal coach.

Jakub K, entrepreneur & success coach

Ana had a wonderfully calm and attentive presence that gave me the space to really hone into what felt the most important to me and why. I loved that she guided me into bringing out my own beliefs in a way that I wasn’t able to on my own - she helped reflect my focus back to my own wisdom and how I felt as I expressed what was important through this exploration. This really helped me capture a deeper sense of what felt more alive and why. Giving me some much needed clarity to trust my intuition and take action. Thank you Ana!

Mel H, author & self-love coach

Ana is very skilled at knowing when to ask questions and when to give feedback and suggest new ideas. Her enthusiasm for my project showed how generous she is. She made me feel really seen and safe in our session. And asked excellent questions that helped me get really clear on what I'm doing and what I want to do better for myself, with a helpful discussion of how to get there. All the ingredients for an amazing coaching and growth experience.

Audrey D, writer

Ana is a brilliant and inspiring personality. She has built what she was missing when she went through challenging times herself. I think this is very valuable because it's not only theoretical but an experience that also she has gone through. Thank you!

Eva L, senior digital consultant

I love working with Ana as my coach! Through her insightful reflections, intuitively focused questions, and skillful guidance, I always come away feeling energized, supported and inspired, knowing that I can take the next steps toward my dreams and goals. I know she is waiting expectantly to hear of my great successes!

Linda G, love coach

Looking forward to creating the New Earth together.