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Forgotten Superpowers


Creativity is our birthright and vital life force energy. When channeled into our purpose and the right path, it brings us immense fulfillment and satisfaction. When spilled all over the place and into the wrong places, it drains us. Learn how to master your creative life force.



Our intuition has been gaslit. Humanity has been successfully trained to doubt themselves so that they can willingly fit into societal boxes and not follow their own truth. When we abandon our souls, we feel lost and disconnected from our true path in life. Reclaim your power.



Have you been told that your head is in the clouds? Perhaps, you should “come back down to Earth a little”. . . This is the 3D world’s agenda, to keep you stuck in the illusion that the material world is all there is. When we access new realms with our imagination, we create the impossible.

And prove everyone else they were wrong. šŸ˜‰

About the Author

Iā€™m Ana, former engineer, life coach, writer, psychic, entrepreneur, student of life and a big believer in the potential of human beings to shift the paradigms of the status quo.

My mission in this lifetime is to pave the way for unconventional souls to break free from social conditioning and find their OWN path.