Conditioning 101: How to Program a Human Being

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Social conditioning is a way of training people to think and behave a certain way by using positive and negative reinforcement by society. The norms that we adopt from the society around us about education, culture, spirituality, trends shape the way we see the world.

This is a normal phenomenon that occurs as part of the human condition. So, it doesn’t mean that social conditioning is ‘evil’, but there’s a need for us to become more aware of where this is leading us and gain our power back by understanding the bigger picture.



the danger of social condition and how to break free from it

As children, we were influenced by our close environment: mostly family and school. But our parents and teachers as well have been conditioned by a previous generation. And so, if we do not break out of this cycle, humanity will not be able to evolve spiritually and create a more free thinking society.

The end goal of social conditioning is that we all form the same picture of what reality is. But reality is not set in stone and humanity is evolving towards a higher level of consciousness that require us to expand beyond certain fixed beliefs about reality. 

Social conditioning is rooted in fear and can only work on a culture that is disconnected from its own power and  easily influenced, reactive to external circumstances, and “stuck” in a fixed reality.

When we’re not sovereign in our understanding of who we are, we’re like a leaf in the wind and we’re easily taken by the strongest currents and widely spread cultural trends.

Fear is the glue that holds conditioning together. When we believe in fear more than our inner truth, we invest in a world that revolves around scarcity, limitation, and external power.

As Gary Zukav writes in his masterpiece, The Seat of the Soul (my #1 favorite book of all times): “We are becoming able to see the pursuit of external power for what it is and the futility of trying to escape the pain of powerlessness by changing the world. A power struggle collapses when you withdraw your energy from it.


Breaking free from mass conditioning

The need to belong and be accepted as part of our society influences us to choose pre-established paths over own unique soul paths. We need to redefine what “normality” is for yourself based your authentic values and who you came here to be.

Living the unboxed way means reconnecting with your intuition and living in alignment with your own truth. It starts with acknowledging our own authentic values and uniqueness and letting go of the need to fit into a world that doesn’t embrace ourselves for who we truly are.

Restoring and rebuilding trust with your inner compass is the way out of the mass conditioning.lov

If you want to know about how to strengthen your intuition, check out this blog article: Our Intuition Has Been Gaslit: How to Find Back Your Inner Compass

Much love & freedom 🤍🕊️,




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