A Soul Liberation Movement

For the most part, life felt like a neverending quest for belonging.

Everyone around me seemed to have a free pass to this Earth VIP club I was never invited to. . . but tried so hard to be a part of.

Something must be ‘wrong’ with me. . . Why can’t I be ‘normal’, choose a box like everyone else and just settle? These were my thoughts. . .

Until I pierced through the illusions of what ‘normal’ actually meant in today’s world and the deeper truths behind mass conditioning. That was the end of my quest for belonging and the beginning of the journey to uncovering my truth.

And this book will be your liberation too!

Discover the Freedom to Be Who You Truly Are


Peel back the layers of who you thought you were and rediscover who you are on a soul level. Your soul is your true essence, the part of your being that cannot be programmed by the external world. With every box you get out of, you move further and further away from what was not in alignment with your unique path and rebuild your inner foundation and a strong sense of self.


My whole life, I held the vision of one day meeting a group of souls with whom I can truly be myself, have deep weird conversations and kickass together. That felt like an impossible dream… until I found them. And this book will show you how to trust your intuition and find yours too.


We are asked to choose from a pre-defined list of qualifications and then stick to that ‘career path’ for the rest of our lives. Amen! But what about those of us who do not ‘meet those requirements? Don’t worry, Unboxed is here to reconnect you with your own unique path.

Coming out in March 2023








About the Author

I’m Ana, engineer, coach, writer, entrepreneur, student of life and a big believer in the potential of human beings to shift the paradigms of the status quo.

My mission in this lifetime is to pave the way for unconventional souls to break free from a social conditioning and find their OWN path.

This book is the soul liberation rebel souls like me who want to live beyond conditioning and reconnect back with their own truth have been asking for.


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