An Unique Inner Journey

The recordings are designed to guide you through an inner journey of reconnecting you back with your soul and the truth of who you are.

Taste the freedom of what it’s like to be free to be who you truly are out into the world, for your soul to be seen and honored in this way.

The more you practice listening to your soul, the stronger the connection with yourself and your unique path.

Start wiring in a new way of being.

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by Ana O. | UNBOXED Meditation Album

ALBUM Breakdown

Connect With Your Soul & Release

All Layers of Conditioning 

Rediscover The Beauty of Your Soul.

This is the inner journey of coming into a space of mental clarity and reconnecting with your soul.

As you let go of any attachment of identification with your thoughts, allow your soul to speak through.

Use this space to create a close connection with your soul, an unbreakable bond.

Amplify the Voice of Your Truth &

Express Your Uniqueness

This is the inner journey of expressing your uniqueness and amplifying the voice of your truth.

As you engage with the world in a more present and aligned way, you also give yourself permission to open your heart and see the world differently.

Not through the lenses of your past, your wound, your coping mechanisms, but as the most unbridled expression of your soul.

Open Your Heart & Connect With Oneness

This is the inner journey of healing your heart and connecting to oneness.

Only by opening our hearts can we allow love to come in. If you have felt pain, perhaps a broken heart, you’ve opened yourself up enough to expose yourself to vulnerability.

This meditation will guide you through a journey of healing, so you can allow more love to come in.


Free Your Creativity &

Unlock Your Unique Gifts

This is the inner journey of unlocking your unique gifts and freeing your creativity.

Envision yourself doing what you most love and sharing your gifts with the world.

Feeling so fulfilled and joyful as you are expressing your true talents and gifts to the world.

Title 5: Walking Meditation – Grounding & Presence (21 min)

Title 6: Align With the Frequency of Unconditional Love (11 min)

Title 7: Uncover Your Life Purpose (21 min)

Title 8: Tap Into True Abundance (17 min)

Title 9: Heighten Your Intuition (31 min)

Title 10: Merge With Your Higher Self (31 min)

BONUS Track: 

 1H Deep Meditation – Align With Your Destiny

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use these recordings?

Set aside 20-30 minutes in a comfortable quite space. You can use these recordings daily or as often as you can, as a morning, or evening meditation or a break in your day. Just go at your own pace and however, you feel guided to do.

I would recommend to use them for at least 21 days to wire in a new way of being. You can start with the one you prefer, have a few days break and choose a new one.

Do you accept refunds?

We do not issue refunds for this downloadable product. Please consider this before purchasing.


10+  Powerful Guided Meditations

Duration: a self-paced inner journey

  • (10) x 30 minute meditations;


  • 🎵 Bonus Track: Align With Your Destiny (1H Deep Meditation);

11 meditations

6h+ hours audio recordings


one time full payment

lifetime access

downloadable mp3 format