Twin Soul

The Journey Back to

One’s Soul

“no one has ever seen into my soul before”

The twin souls are connected by the same energetic space: their shared soul.

What keeps twin flames separated in the 3D is not something that one or the other counterpart does (despite what it may look on the surface, there’s always pure unconditional love between them at all times), but the distortions of the Matrix that have imprinted them with false perceptions and toxic templates.

Whenever one or the other counterpart tries to approach this connection from a lower vibrational angel, a 3D mundane persepctive, they fail to see it for what it actually is.

When your frequency is vibrating at a 3D level, you will not see the truth and instead, settle for what you’ve been told from a very young age you deserved…

Which is NOT true and not what your soul came here for.




The journey of twin flames is a journey of Master Rebellion against the non-sense of basically… the whole entire world. Because in order tor them to find the way back to each other (their pure soul frequency), they need to release ALL distortions that they took on from the Matrix bubble and come back to their authentic truth, which is pure unconditional love.

At the frequency, there will be no more obstacles. Nothing can stand in their way.🌹 But they gotta go through the tedious process of strengthening their spiritual muscles and fight against the dark forces.

5d identical soul frequency ☯︎࿊☾𖤓☯

Imagine the same soul, born in two different bodies, probably on opposite sides of the Planet, having gone through different life experiences, meeting each other in the physical. This is how confusing encountering your twin soul is.

You will have developed different personalities as a result of your programming, but you are the same at a very deep core level, carrying the opposite polarity. ☯︎

The reason why there is an irresistible pull towards each other that defies every “3D traditional mundane world” law. This isn’t just a skin-deep type of attraction, it’s way deeper than 3D “hook-ups”, and it’s encompassing mind, body and soul.

The purpose of this connection is not romantic in nature, but rather for the soul’s growth. As a collective, we are Ascending into a higher level of consciousness, where we’re no longer small identities parading around in the Matrix, but a soul.

So the natural flow of humanity’s evolution is pulling the twin souls back together, as they shed the layers of their false selves and the 3D masquerade life they have built, as a result of being disconnected from who they truly are, which is what the Matrix is manipulating humans into to control their minds.

You cannot enter the New Earth as an ego, but only as your true self, your soul. 

3d(DARK) VS 5D(LIGHT): it’s a spiritual war

The reason why this feels like an “impossible love” type of fairytale is because of the nature of this connection, which is by design to go against the 3D norms.

If it may feel like the whole 3D world is against this connection, it’s because it is.

This is not supposed to be an easy process, because we are meant to bust the 3D superficial traditional distorted programming around what love is (3D karmic looping) and rise into the 5D frequency of unconditional pure love and wire in a whole new depth of understanding when it comes to real soul connections.

This isn’t about 2 people coming together, it’s about a hero’s journey from rising from the darkness and choosing the light.

Ultimately, whether they choose each other as life partners or not, is a free will choice, but once they both go through their individual spiritual journeys and awaken fully to the realness of this connection, everything else will seem shallow and just fade away in comparison to this uniquely tailored partnership. God desgined them to be perfect for each other, like two sexy pees in a pot.

But they need to step into their warrior selves first and remove all blocks that are in the way of this connection. Just keep in mind that the greater the perceived challenge, the greater the reward in the end. Simple math.

creative brilliant minds on a mission

They feel like home to each other. They share the same quirks and unique excentricity that the 3D world has deemed weird, unloveable or “too much”.

They are high-vibrational beings, Starseeds from advanced Star sistems and wise old souls. They have chosen very difficult childhoods, life paths, Earth School lessons and karmic baggage, which has fragmented their soul and has placed them under the heaviness of the 3D density, but this was the only way their soul could have made it in the Matrix, prior to Ascension.

Their light would have been triggering to the dark forces that prevail in the 3D Matrix. They are often the target of the most narcissistic 3D people which they magnetize in their life as a reflection of their lack of self-worth, that has been formed very early in childhood by basically every human they interacted with. They chose a karmic family that could never understand and see them for their true value and soul, and so they had to hide who they are, all of their life.

Not every soul can handle this intense type of experience and going through this challenging and advanced spiritual journey. They are true soul warriors.