Have You Given Up on Your Unique Vision?

You’re a visionary, a changemaker, a rebel soul, a creative, an innovator at heart, an unconventional spirit, a free thinker.

You’re here to shake things up, not to squeeze into someone else’s limited vision of what’s possible…

The mainstream path is not an option for you, so why would you try to fit in, only to come back with your tail between your legs?

Free yourself from the shackles of the status quo and let’s build together the foundation of a new world.

Join our 4-week group coaching container on November 1st.

If you’re serious about making the world an awesome place, then what are you waiting for? 

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Step Into Your Role!

Your vision has chosen you as its creator, then it’s your responsibility to birth that out into the world!

You know you’ll never be at peace until you do it anyways. 

So… what are we waiting for?

“My mission in this lifetime is to pave the way for unconventional souls to break free from conditioning, live in their most authentic expression and inspire others with their unique vision.”

What others are saying

"I've been working with Ana for the last year and she's been extremely helpful as a coach. What I most like about her is that she's able to give helpful suggestions which I've implemented really to the point. I'm very grateful that I came across Ana and that she's my personal coach."

— Jakub D, entrepreneur & success coach

"Ana had a wonderfully calm and attentive presence that gave me the space to really hone into what felt the most important to me and why. I loved that she guided me into bringing out my own beliefs in a way that I wasn’t able to on my own - she helped reflect my focus back to my own wisdom and how I felt as I expressed what was important through this exploration. This really helped me capture a deeper sense of what felt more alive and why. Giving me some much needed clarity to trust my intuition and take action. Thank you Ana!"

— Mel H, self-love coach

"Ana is very skilled at knowing when to ask questions and when to give feedback and suggest new ideas. Her enthusiasm for my project showed how generous she is. She made me feel really seen and safe in our session. And asked excellent questions that helped me get really clear on what I'm doing and what I want to do better for myself, with a helpful discussion of how to get there. All the ingredients for an amazing coaching and growth experience."

— Audrey D, writer

"Her approach follows from the understanding of the human experience and from the deep work she have already done herself. Ana is an amazing being and an exceptional coach, so if you want to awaken your authentic self, be in harmony with your purpose and with life, if you want to bring your massage and essence in the world by contributing to the greater good, just reach out to her and you will be astonished by the the magic and the results that will occur."

— Ira K, humanitarian

"Ana is a brilliant and inspiring personality. She has built what she was missing when she went through challenging times herself. I think this is very valuable because it's not only theoretical but an experience that also she has gone through. Thank you!"

– Eva L, senior digital consultant

"I love working with Ana as my coach! Through her insightful reflections, intuitively focused questions, and skillful guidance, I always come away feeling energized, supported and inspired, knowing that I can take the next steps toward my dreams and goals. I know she is waiting expectantly to hear of my great successes!"

– Linda G, love coach

Breakthrough Sessions with my Renegades❤️


There are aspects of ourselves we aren’t able to access because we always act from a predictable space. The same habits and mindset we’ve build are a by-product of our identity and who we’ve known ourselves to be.

Authenticity is expanding beyond what we already know and releasing the attachment to an identity we’ve built as a result of past conditioning.


Do you want to expand beyond your current identity?

Feeling discouraged from not finding your place in the world?



Finding belonging on Earth, as a Renegade is challenging because the model of belonging that is out there requires us to give up on our authenticity to fit in. That’s NOT true belonging. But don’t get discouraged! Your soul family is out there.

Attracting our soul community comes as a result of us embodying our own truth and owning our story.



It can be very hard to listen to our soul’s calling with so much noise out there and people telling us who we should be or how to live our lives . . .

Our purpose is a personal journey that is uniquely tailored to our soul and not something we can find in any of the boxes available out there.


Are you trying to fit in the blueprint of what’s expected of you?


Come join the party?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very afraid to invest in myself. How do I know it's going to work?

Good! It means you’re a human being.

Fear is a normal biological response when faced with change and opportunities to stretch beyond what’s already known. That’s when most doubts, fears, and excuses will surface. Knowing this, moving past these fears is what ensures our growth and our alignment with our authenticity. It’s not the actual process that scares us, it’s our resistance to let go of what we’re holding onto that creates fear and the illusion of unsafety.

This is a big leap!

But I got you, I promise!

How do I know we're a good fit?

Send me a message and let’s make sure this experience is 100% for you.

  • Instagram: DM me at @anaowrites
  • Email: hello@anaocoaching.com

Do you accept payment plans?

Yup, payment plans are available. Contact me for more information.

*We do not accept refunds for 1:1 programs. This is a commitment we’re establishing in the beginning of our work together and needs to be respected all throughout.

Do you issue refunds?

Nope. We want you 100% in. And you do too.

*We do not accept refunds for live programs. This is a commitment we’re establishing at the beginning of our work together and must be respected throughout.

Are you a scam?

More than the certificates and credentials, the core of my practice revolves around radical personal integrity. I’ve always strived to embody my own teachings and become the proof that living in alignment with our authenticity is not only possible, but our birhtright. The main reason why today I am able to facilitate this process for other beings is because I myself lived through it and know the way, the challenges and the struggles!

Personal Journey:

  • 8 years of active soul inquiry, therapy and energy healing sessions and 3 years of ongoing karmatherapy and tibetan shamanic healing;
  • Multiple soul adventures, self-discovery activations and healing retreats across Asia, Europe and Brazil;
  • Read every possible book on authenticity, the human experience, the healing journey, life purpose and now writing my own.

Professional Journey:

  • Certification Coaching Programs (started with NLP, Breakthrough Coaching, Law of Attraction, Energy & Quantum Healing, and Maturation Coaching, currently in training) and have developed my own unique activation method: Radical Realignment.
  • I am not a licensed therapist, nor do I want to be!

Hope that answers your question. 💜

Are you a witch?

Yes, the good kind 😉

Change the World, Your Way

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Authenticity is the way of the future. The new world we’re stepping into is waiting for leaders like you to be created: big-hearted changemakers with a genuine desire to be an agent for good in the world. Sounds like you or someone you know?

But let’s face it, for as much as we’re trying to convince ourselves of the contrary, changing the world is not for the faint of heart. This journey, as fulfilling and rewarding as it may be, comes with quite some big bumps in the road. And it’s a big task to undertake on your own. . .

I know how damn lonely, uncertain and discouraging it may be at times. That’s why it is my commitment to support unconventional souls like you, so that they get their vision out into the world, without too many mental or emotional bruises. And yes, it gets to be a fun ride too!

I’m the soul-alignment coach behind authentic changemakers and your biggest cheerleader in this journey. Because I don’t want anything less for you or for the world than to see you thrive!

Excuses are the model of the past, it’s time you become aware of your full power! 

The Renegade’s Way

We’re starting on November 1st.

Duration: 4-week coaching experience

  • (4) x 60-minute live group sessions every week
  • (4) x 60-minute recorded teaching modules
  • (4) x 60-minute live Q&As every week
  • one month access to our private WhatsApp group coaching container for follow-up and support
  • a non-judgemental high-vibe space for your vision to come alive and expand beyond 3D limitations


  • A signed-with-love copy of my book ❤️UNBOXED🖤A Renegade’s Path to Authenticity, Belonging & Purpose
  • REBEL UP Activation Album: 9 Activation Codes to Unlock Your Unique Potential (value $333)
  • THE AUTHENTICITY GAP: 4 Steps to Quantum Jump Realities Workshops Bundle (value $444)
  • Complimentary 90 min Activation Session with me (value $1234), check it out
  • (4) x EXTRA recorded MODULES (valued $789)
  • unlimited fun, unconditional love and virtual hugs (we can never run outta those, can we? 😉 )

8 live sessions

1h deep-dive live sessions

limited spots

live group coaching container

one month

full support and accountability

Weekly Modules Breakdown

Module 1: Your Vision

A vision goes beyond the daily goals we set for ourselves or our projects. Your vision is the closest reflection of your soul's mission. You have come here with a specific intention, to advance humanity in your own unique way.

Your vision cannot be found in any of the boxes out there, it can only be found on the path of alignment with your soul. But along the ride, we have disconnected from our inner guidance and shaped our identity into someone we're not, hoping we would fit in and find belonging in the empty promises of the mainstream path. And so, we've lost touch with our vision, our inner job and our unique gifts and talents.

*You'll also get a complimentary activation session with me where we'll uncover that together.

Module 2: Authenticity & Freedom

Your authenticity is the pure expression of the unique qualities of your soul. It's who you are when you're free to just be.

From an early age, we have been punished for expressing ourselves freely. We've been trained to be obedient and submit to a set of societal rules and to follow a rigid path where our authenticity is not included. And we thought it was the only way.

Coming back to our true nature requires us to look at the ways in which we're performing as a means to be accepted. The identity we've built has become who we think we are. But our true essence lies beneath a pile of conditioned behaviors.

Module 3: Belonging & Soul Connection

The existing model of belonging is one where you bond over certain common aspect of your personality, beliefs or some sort of preference which gives you the right to be part of a certain group. Think about the kind of communities we have today.

The new model of belonging we're here to create is one that revolves around oneness and soul connection. And changing who you are in order to be accepted is not part of our plan. We are part of a big global family and our right to belong has been earned from birth. Walking this Earth is the only pre-requisite to belong. And that's how we roll.

Module 4: Purpose & Contribution

Many of us have made the mistake of 'looking for' a sense of meaning and our purpose on the outside world. Your purpose is something that will naturally emerging from you reconnecting with who you truly are and your vision, not something you need to look for. Rediscovering your authenticity and connecting with your soul family are important steps in the activation of your mission. Everything is linked. Every piece of the puzzle is important in helping you succeed to . We are here for this!



Creativity is the life force of the Universe. It's the same frequency as our sexual energy and our free authentic expression. 

"Artists are poor", "sex is dirty", "creative people are promiscous", "dreams won't pay the bills". These are the kind of programs that humanity’s been running for waaaaay too long. It's time to flip this non-sense 'reality' and set ourselves free from these shakles.



Aligning with the frequency of abundance can support us in aplifying our impact, but also in creating the life we want. We haven't come here just to be of service, but also to enjoy the goods Earth has to offer. And you're 1000% deserving of all the things your soul truly desires. This is such an exciting journey into self-worth, personal power and even more deprogramming.

Scarcity is the model of the past. Let's make abundance the new norm here on Earth.


Discipline may not be our strongest quality as Renegades, but that's because we have followed a very rigid model of discipline that goes against our top core value: freedom!

That's how we sabotage our goals thinking this is the only way available for us. Well, let me tell you that there is a better way and that's what you're going to discover in this workshop: how to get things done while having a ton of fun! 🤸🤹‍♂‍



Not gonna lie! Going your own way and breaking old paradigms does requires you to have a strong pair of male genitals. 👀

So how do we grow those without surgery?

First of all, recognizing that our value as a human being has nothing to do with meeting a set of external conditions. There are no tricks or shortcuts to confidence. It's a muscle you build by showing up in your authenticity and taking steps towards your vision.