A longing for home

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What is a Sirian Starseed?

Sirians are among the most advanced Starseeds.

They have highly developed telepathic abilities are generally more intuitive than other starseeds, but they don’t brag about it. Unless they do 😉

Due to their advanced spiritual evolution, they are aware of their origins and other Galactic realms they inhabited, and can easily travel between future dimensions and throughout past life incarnations.

✨ They can instantly recognize each other! ✨

They are natural healers, have a very very very vivid imagination and are irrevocable dreamers, often quite introverted and dislike human interaction. They love languages, innovation, everything occult and writing.

 They see the magic in the mundane, but can get very easily bored.

They don’t like it here, but came to Earth to help with this planet’s ascension process and teach humanity about the potential of working together with love, joy and peace.

If you’re a Sirian, you have likely been staring at the night sky when you were a child, seeking solace in the warmth of the stars’ bright light, wondering what the fuck is wrong with this world. I know I have! ⋆。°✩

Learn more about the light codes Sirians are here to anchor in and their soul mission and receive a shower of unconditional love from your pure loving star family, whenever life on Earth gets harsh. ♾️

‘We thank you for your selfless service and brave heart.

Always remember we are here with you!’