Quantum Healing

90 minute Intensive Energy Healing


If you resonate with being a Starseed, Twin Flame, advanced old soul, part of the 144.000 and the New Earth Wayshowers, gifted special souls, highly sensitive, creative, or indigo, my spiritual services are specifically tailored for you. ₊˚.༄ 𖦹*ੈ‧



Emotional & Energetic Healing

This is a 90-minute intensive healing session, where we work through stored emotional & energetical blocks that prevent you from fully stepping into your New Earth path & unique soul purpose. We work on a very deep level and with the subconscious layers, therefore one session will continue its effects for up to 3-6 months. These are advanced Sirian Healing techniques, I only work with them and pure white light, with no other interferences and you will be in a 100% safe and protected healing container.

During the session, we work to release the attachments to past versions of you that kept you stuck in the matrix and get elevated into a whole new way of being in the New Earth frequency, who you were always meant to be in this lifetime, returning you to your most authentic self and set you free from the cycles of karma and low vibrational ties. #soulfreedom

Main areas of healing

💠 Inner child healing, stored past emotional trauma, creative blocks;

💠 Break generational patterns, depression, lack of belonging, safety and grounding on Earth;

💠 Soul purpose clarity, financial blocks, matrix deprogramming;

💠 Twin flame journey, healing for divine union, masculine & feminine balancing;

💠 Restoring the connection to your spiritual gifts, psychic abilities & Starseed origins;

A few important details

⚪ Session can only be booked with a 90 day period in between, for they require integration time and effects will be seen 3-6 months after the healing;

⚪ If this is your first healing session (either with me or another practitioner), please mention it in the form section before booking;

⚪ If there are medical conditions I need to be aware of, please also let me know before the session;

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Ana had a wonderfully calm and attentive presence that gave me the space to really hone into what felt the most important to me and why. I loved that she guided me into bringing out my own beliefs in a way that I wasn’t able to on my own – she helped reflect my focus back to my own wisdom and how I felt as I expressed what was important through this exploration. This really helped me capture a deeper sense of what felt more alive and why. Giving me some much needed clarity to trust my intuition and take action. Thank you Ana!

 Mel H, self-love coach, UK

If you want to awaken your authentic self, be in harmony with your purpose and with life, just reach out to her.” Her approach follows from the understanding of the human experience and from the deep work she have already done herself. Ana is an amazing being and an exceptional coach, so if you want to awaken your authentic self, be in harmony with your purpose and with life, if you want to bring your massage and essence in the world by contributing to the greater good, just reach out to her and you will be astonished by the the magic and the results that will occur.

Ira K, humanitarian and life coach, France

Ana is such a gifted Healer. I had a Shamanic GODCODE Healing session with Ana and received more healing and benefits than I initially came for. She was already tapped into my energy before we started the session, and knew exactly what needed healing. Right away I began releasing and healing, as I felt energy lifting off my body as soon as the session began. Ana uncovered and released suppressed trauma and emotions in a very safe and loving way. She has strong gifts and was able to relay information from God that brought me understanding and closure. Ana also activated new energies in my body, that had me feeling strong, whole, loved, happy, and protected. I left the session feeling amazing, and have since felt more calm, happy, and at peace. I highly recommend Ana and her healing services.

Carolyn, Spiritual Teacher, Canada