Out of the Matrix

Exposing the 3D Agenda

let’s talk about the devil’s agenda. . .

I must say, before my Shamanic initiation, I wasn’t confortable using this term.

But as soon I learnt about the underworld’s sneaky agenda, I now know we shouldn’t hold back from exposing the darkness.

As Starseeds, we don’t know about the devil… we come from oneness. . .🤷‍♀️ 

It’s an Earthly concept. . . We learn about it through experiences.

And so here’s what I learnt.

in a nutshell…

The Separation Agenda

The devil’s agenda is separation and emprisonment.

Separating you from your power, your true self, from God.


The False Illusions

It sneaked its way into your system from a very young age, through painful traumatic experiences, which are conducive portals for the negative energies.

When we carry unhealed wounds, we are hosts for the devil to use us for its own agenda, which is to keep this Earthly realm possessed.

The devil will create FALSE PERCEPTIONS that will seem real to you to keep you invested in a reality that benefits them. To escape the devil’s emprisonment, you need to take ALL YOUR POWER BACK.

The Sabotage & Deception

It cannot “exist” on its own, therefore needs a host. The devil has no power whatsoever if you don’t give it to them. It’s so little.

But the devil likes power.

So the more light you carry, the more often you’ll meet the devil,

…all dressed up in fancy clothes and shapeshifting into your wish fulfillment.


This is what the 3D matrix agenda is all about.
This is the spiritual war as Leaders of the Way, we had to conquer.

Releasing ourselves from ALL illusions that prevented us from accessing our truth.
We cannot enter the New Earth carrying around the devil’s energy with us.

We will be sent back to some other karmic lesson to purify our vessels even more.

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and restore your original blueprint.