Soul Frequency

Restore Your Original

Galactic Blueprint


And release everything that is not in alignment with it…

Clear deep seated traumas and ancestral karmic programming residing in our subconscious, our physical and spiritual body. It’s time to shed negativity layer by layer and embody our true Starseed essence and unique soul frequency.

in a nutshell…


The 3D world has reduced us to an identity, a persona that acts in response to his/her environment and performs according to the needs and desires of the “self”.

This way, we are stuck in a small box, with others who are playing the same game: a neverending chase for empty and shallow pursuits. We’ve been under a spell that’s being lifted more and more, as we move towards the Age of Aquarius, where authenticity is the real deal.

As we expand into a greater understanding of who we are and we break free from that limited box, we open ourselves to a whole new Universe of possibilities, we didn’t even know was there.



The more we allow the darkness we’ve been absorbing from the 3D realm through our past trauma, societal templating, cultural messaging and the Earthy realm, to be transmuted, the closer we get to the light and remember our truth.

No, you are not the insecure child who was bullied in school for being too different.

No, you are not the employee who dimmed his/her light and suppressed all of his/her gifts to fit into a small box out of fear.

No, you are not that lost individual desperately seeking meaning in the external world.

And no, you are not that defeated creative who gave up on his/her vision because of the obstacles that were placed on your path either.

 But you’ve forgotten who you truly are and hidden your worth behind those false layers of who you have been programmed to believe you are to belong in the 3D Matrix and to accomodate other people’s needs and expectations of you, just so that you get a crumble of their appreciation and validation.


You are an Ambassador of Light, representative of your Star Family, here on Earth.

You are here to carry this High Honoured mission, through your actions, soul purpose and unique gifts. This is who you are at your core and who you’ve always been.

Honor your soul. It’s time to see who you truly are, beyond the veil of the 3D world’s illusion and who the world made you believe you were. Time to let go of the false layers to embrace your full potential.

Remember to be patient with yourself, this process is deep and multi-layered. It’s not something we can “achieve” over night. It’s a cosmic orchestration that’s beyond our level of comprehension.

What we’re invited to do is to let go of the “burdens” of the 3D world and focus every day a little bit on the magic of what’s actually unfolding, beyond our personal struggles. It’s monumental and as souls, we wanted to be a part of this unprecedented times here on Earth.

shamanic energy healing 🪶🦋

GODCODE is the ability to change the algorithms of the operating system you’ve been running on, as a result of you being exposed to the Matrix mind-controling programs and taking on the 3D world’s false disempowering belief systems, and code in a new system, a way of being that is in alignment with the 5D New Earth.