Mary Magdalene

The Sacred Rose Lineage


Earth is starved and craving for the pure Feminine energy.

In a Shamanic healing session, I’ve been made aware that I’m part of Mary Magdalene’s seed branch and that I’ve taken on the role to heal the persecution template…

Rewriting Old Distorted Templates

We are leaving behind the old archaic models of relationships and instead, anchoring in a pure divine love that’s never been on Earth before, with the exception of the sacred spiritual masters, such as Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene.

We are (re)learning what Universal love is. 

Universal love is unconditional love.

It’s the kind of love that as Starseeds, our souls have been longing for on Earth… but never found within the 3D old templated of karmic relationships, which is conditional.

Universal love is otherworldly, it’s ethereal, it’s POETIC, it’s deeply fulfilling, it’s the kind of love that creates some of the most astonishing artforms.

That’s the kind of love that is the norm in the New Earth and what we are here to spread.

The 3D old karmic relationships are transactional, based on survival strategies and sacrificial. True love cannot flow within this type of container. Codependency is not love, but rather the absence of it within each other, looking for what’s missing inside on another person who’s also void.

Restoring the Sacred Union Template

But the journey to this type of love has to go through the initial painful phases of the spiritual awakening and the road back to God first. Because if you don’t know God, you cannot SEE, feel or accept the unconditional love the other holds for you and you will settle for what you think you’re worthy of instead, which is only limited and not eternal.

Divine love goes beyond space and time. It goes beyond what another can do or be for you. It goes way beyond the physical reality and the external circumstances that seem to be at odds.

As a Light being, divine love is your destiny.

Sirian Light Codes & The Rose Frequency

It is ultimately your responsibility is to do healing work that prevents you from welcoming it into your life. Here’s a short list of what blocks divine love:

💞 Mother & Father wounds from childhood, being born in a karmic family we have been imprinted with distorted messages of what love is and this has the bar of what we believe we deserve; #gottahealthat

💞 Societal conditioning and Hollywood movies; 

💞 Past karmic toxic relationships that we have attracted as a result of unhealed wounds within ourselves;

💞 Addictions: codependency (love addiction), sexual addictions, workaholism, avoidance, numbing etc.

💞 Not able to be alone with yourself. If you cannot be in your own presence fully, how do you expect another to do so for you?


the healing path out of codependecy