Mary Magdalene

The Sacred Rose Lineage


Earth is starved and craving for the pure Feminine energy.

In a Shamanic healing session, I’ve been made aware that I’m part of Mary Magdalene’s seed branch and that I’ve taken on the role to heal the persecution template…

The Sacred Rose Frequency

It is my mission to restore balance on Earth and heal Mary Magdalene’s bloodline, along with those who have been brave enough to choose this really heavy mission.

If you’re one, you know the pain of having your light taken from you…

You gifts suppressed…

Your Divine Masculine stolen…

Your spirit ostracized…

The False Dark Feminine Programming

The sacred real feminine energy has been suppressed on Earth for a VERY VERY VERY long time… As it’s been replaced by the dark feminine, the Jezebel spirit, the false innocent women and Devil’s Agenda.

Choose to See the Truth

The darkness that prevails in this world, hidden behind illusions and false templates is beyond what most of us can even comprehend.

Earth’s been hijacked. Look deeper.

See the truth. Save your heart.

Save this Planet.


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