Let me ask you something. . .

do you have a unique vision for your life,

but you struggle with bringing into reality?

Don’t let your unique ideas be just ideas!

If you’re willing to give me 30 min of your time, I’ll show you step by step how to do just that.

Join my signature coaching training to take the most important step towards your awesome dreams: getting started.

Did I mention it was free?

overwhelmed by all those ideas in your mind?

You’re a very ambitious soul and you’re here to do big things. . . no questions asked.

But if you lack organization in your priorities… get easily distracted… or you let your perfectionism get the best of you, then those ideas may never see the light of the day.

I can’t let you do that! The world needs your unique vision more than ever.

It’s time for a reset. 

It’s time to simplify and actually focus on what matters.

It’s time to finally making them a priority.

This training will help you identify the blocks, help you create a tangible action plan and give you a full reset to start off with a more clear directed approach.


bridge that gap

For most of my life, I felt like there was a huge gap between who I wanted to be and where I was actually at. . . I would look up to the people I would admire without realizing that it was my soul pointing at what was actually for me.

But I was always struggling with the concept of discipline and the more tangible aspects of life. . . That was my thing! I would see myself as a creative spiritual diva who didn’t have to go through that kind of trouble and who could manifest things just from the power of her imagination. Well. . . that didn’t go well. My lack of engagement with life left me broke, discouraged and with no concrete project out into the world.

⪢ The bridge between your current reality and your vision is aligned action. ⪡ 

As a coach today, I’m very passionate about helping other ambitious creative souls to actualize their vision into reality. Let me take care of the tangible details (you know, the more boring aspects of life) so that you can solely focus on your purpose.

“Our job is not to question the validity of our dreams,

but to become the vessel that will actualize them.”

– ANA O.

bonus: a 30 days ACTION PLANNER

Successful people don’t have goals, they have systems in place.

This planner will help you stay on track with your goals, build solid systems and translate your vision into tangible steps.

You’ll also find weekly introspection questions and a step-by-step process to help you identify some of the internal blocks that may slow you down or even sabotage the process. Enjoy!

what other renegades say

“She really helped me capture a deeper sense of what felt more alive and why. Giving me some much needed clarity to trust my intuition and take action. Thank you Ana!”

Mel H.

self-love coach, UK

“Working with Ana has been a life changing experience. She listen deeply with her heart and intuition. She helped me stretch my comfort zone and grow. I felt supported, listend to and understood all the way.

Now I have more clarity, I feel more empowered, more “me”. I’m very grateful for you Ana. Thank you xxx.”

Barbara C.

artist and creativity coach, France

Ana is an amazing being and an exceptional coach, so if you want to awaken your authentic self, be in harmony with your purpose and with life, if you want to bring your massage and essence in the world by contributing to the greater good, just reach out to her and you will be astonished by the the magic and the results that will occur.

Ira K.

humanitarian, France

I’ve been working with Ana for over a year and she’s been extremely helpful as a coach. I have got so much more in touch with my authentic self and feeling truly aligned with who I am.

Jakub K.

entrepreneur, Czech-Republic


I’m so thrilled for you to get excited about your unique dreams and to finally start putting them out there.


Let this be your first brick in paving your own way and  move ahead with clarity and confidence.