Sacred Femininity

A Return to Our

Original Blueprint



Okay, now let’s get technical for a second. 👩‍🏫
 our colorful energy center bubbles 101


The Upper Chakras

The feminine is the physics mystical force within the union. 🟢🔵🟣
🟢 Her open heart: broken by all the unfairness and harshness of this fucking twisted world
🔵 Her unbridled expression: her ability to speak her truth from the heart and not the angry resentful feminine movement 🤢 #metoo
🟣 Intuition: This is EVERYTHING, her connection to God and Source;

⚠️ The Tainted Spirituality Phenomenon

Very important to discern that are so many divas on some sort of “spiritual trip” and posing in bikinis preaching what an enlightened Goddess they are. 🤢 🤢 🤢 That’s the guru culture and it’s still matrix programming keeping them stuck in the same lower-level consciousness. The online world is FULL of these puppets. There are VERY few reliable sources I am in contact with nowadays for spiritual advisory and they are all not “the influencer” type. I learned this the hard way. . .

It breaks my heart to see how God’s name is ridiculized…

Sometimes I write About Writing

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