A Return to Magic

Inner Child Healing & Soul Reintegration

find your unique soul purpose

Our inner child carries the key to unlock our true soul purpose Growing up, I felt deeply unwanted. With already a child with needs, no fixed jobs and a rough financial situation after the fall of the communism, me popping up in the world was not a moment of celebration for my family…


All those external circumstances made me internalize the deep core wound of feeling like a burden… but with all the problems that were surrounding my family, who had time for my feelings… I had to learn how to get resourceful and on my feet quick.

I learnt how to read and write on my own, when I was 4 years old and those empty pages seemed to be the only space I could exist, not have to be strong or show a brave face for anyone else, the only place I would feel seen, and vulnerable.


At school, my talents and unique gifts were never seen or validated, all the contrary. Ridiculed and bullied for being a sensitive soul, I had no choice but to hide who I was. And so, I stopped writing because I couldn’t even feel my soul underneath that pile of wounds… and that’s how creativity became too painful, for it requires us to be raw and real and put our soul into it.

From that point forward, I started looking outside of myself to feel wanted, loved or at least acknowledged. I figured that if only I would get the best grades, be the best student, go to national Olympics, have a prestigious diploma and get a nice fancy status in the world, maybe then, I would get the world’s and my family’s stamp of approval.


20 years later, I have come to the raw conclusion that not only that wasn’t the solution, but that along the way, I have abandoned myself, my dreams, my core essence and deepest soul desires…

And so today, it is my mission to lead many special gifted souls back to their true selves, their unique gifts and purpose, so that they don’t go a day without knowing just how special they are or feeling like their unique beautiful soul doesn’t have a place in the world. 🤍

But for that, it takes deep inner healing and being raw and radically honest with ourselves. you have a special place in this world, that is only yours. You have an unique purpose. If you’re ready to reveal that to yourself and the world, apply for the mentorship program where I’ll walk you through the labyrinth of this inner journey.⚡

Take the journey back to yourself.