About Me

In a few words,

Creative early bird, Renegade soul, forever dreamer, free unbounded spirit and the biggest supporter on your path to living your authenticity and your soul’s unique mission.

Engineer, Writer, Spiritual Teacher and the Soul-Alignment coach behind the changemakers and creators of the new world humanity’s moving towards.

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My Story

I’ve always had this feeling I was somehow. . . different than most people. I’ve always been the outsider, the black sheep, the rebel annoying kid who’d ask a thousand questions before doing something “I was told to do”. And that proved to be my gift and the key to freedom in my life.

Coming from very humble beginnings, I had no choice but to create my own possibilities, pave my own way and push beyond what I was told was available for me. Had I listened to the world, I would have settled for a very very veeeery different life. But instead, I developed a stubborn unshakeable trust in my unique vision and what was true to my soul, against all odds.

The path was far from easy, but through my perseverance and a great dose of craziness, I get to live the free life I had envisioned for myself, from the inside out and guide other rebel souls on the same path to authenticity.

If you’re anything like me, a free spirit, a rebel, a truth seeker, a rule breaker, a Renegade who never gave up on their vision, but you need help with making that a tangible reality, you’re in the right place. Watch my welcome video and download the free guide below to learn how to start living the freedom your soul most craves.

“We’re being told that we need to compete, conform or shrink to fit in a certain standard.   But what if our dreams go beyond the need for approval and feeding the status quo?”

My Mission

& Vision

The more we are confronted with the outer world, our confidence in our authentic sense of self, in our own values and our inner voice starts to lessen. And when we stop believing in a vision that is so close to our heart, we’ll have the constant feeling that something is missing, because our authenticity never goes away.

That’s when we start feeling resigned, dull and empty, chasing things that we don’t really want to fill the void of our lack of authenticity. We’re paying the price for not believing in ourselves and our true dreams. And it’s heart-breaking.

You see, I believe in a world where every human being gets to experience the freedom to be who they really are in their soul, an inclusive global community of unique awakened humans bound by love. This vision has been my life thread and the why behind every single one of my actions.

My approach

Working with me is like a partnership, a spiritual collaboration and an energetic contract we're signing from the get-go which transcends the logical aspects of our physical interaction.

My coaching style is very intuitive and focused on seeing YOU as a whole being and supporting you as you organically move out of 3D limitations and into your soul's mission.

My practice is a blend of tools I have first used for my own healing journey over the past 8 years and then, trained to become a coach: Neuro Plasticity, Quantum Physics, Energy Healing, NLP etc. Ultimately, these tools are here to give you access to your own innate power of self-healing.

What you’ll experience in my healing container is a deep sense of freedom and soul remembrance as you release stuck memories that kept you trapped in the illusion of the past for most of your life.

This will create space for the your authentic self to naturally emerge.

Because this world needs your unique expression.

Don't make us wait too long!

Your Path to Authenticity

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.”
~Alan Watts

Imagine another way of living: a life where you don’t have to chase your own worth, where you carry an deeper sense of knowing of who you are and your purpose. And that’s the real freedom, true power and aliveness we all seek.

Authenticity is our birthright, it’s the key to living a fulfilling life and it’s what brings joy, enthusiasm and color to our existence. Give yourself permission to live your most authentic life and light up the world with your unique essence.