Haven’t Found Your ‘Box’ Yet?

That’s because you’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

You’re not born to fit in, dear soul. You are a Renegade, a free thinker, a visionary, a non-conformist, a pioneer, a creative who likes to color outside the lines and doesn’t stick to limiting rules.

Here’s where to kick-off your journey to your own unique path.

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Are You a Renegade?


You can't fit in and often feel misunderstood


You just can't settle for one path and feel that there's more to life than what seems to be available


You have a complex personality and a bright mind that people can't quite grasp


You're a highly creative spirit, an unconventional soul and an 'irrational' dreamer


You struggle to find belonging and a place you can call home, no matter how much you wandered


You're always questioning most things people take at face value and want to know the deeper truth behind


You're a visionary, a way-shower, a pioneer, a trailblazer, an innovator, everything but a follower...


Authenticity is our soul’s signature. It’s the traits we’re born with. The rest is fluff, it’s conditioning, it just doesn’t belong to us. Restoring our sense of authenticity as a collective is our collective mission.


Ever felt like you had to give up on who you are to fit in? Or maybe you believe you can’t find belonging anywhere in this world. True belonging does not require you to change who you are or to follow certain rules in order to be ‘accepted’ in a group.


Our purpose is not something we can find on the outside. When we are encouraged to look for a ‘career path‘ and find ‘our talents‘, we’re actually only getting further away from our purpose.

About Me

I’m Ana, engineer, life coach, writer, entrepreneur, student of life and a big believer in the potential of human beings to shift the paradigms of the status quo.

My mission in this lifetime is to pave the way for unconventional souls to break free from conditioning, live in their most authentic expression and inspire others with their unique vision.

For the past 8 years, I’ve been obsessed with the topic of authenticity and human potential and what it takes to live from our soul and in alignment with our purpose. Today, I’m beyond greatful to be doing this work and pursue one of my passions: helping amazing humans live their soul’s purpose, in their own unique way.


Where to Start?


This is an invitation to challenge your perception of the world as you see it and get in alignment with your truth.

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