We Don’t Play by the Rules

~ We Create New Ones

Are You a New Earth Visionary?


You can't fit into a rigid box and struggle with following the beaten path, you like to break the rules


You have a complex personality and a bright vivid imagination that most people can't quite grasp


You struggle with the density of the 3D, as you’re not used to the Earth’s lower vibration


You're a highly creative spirit, eccentric, unconventional and an 'irrational' dreamer 💫


There's a dreamy quality about you, always head in the stars (of course, that's where your Star family is🌠)


You have a very deep inner world, are highly-sensitive and have hightened psychic abilities


You hate superficiality, always question everything and seeking the deeper truths


You're a way-shower, a pioneer, a trailblazer, an innovator, everything but a follower...

…if so, you’re at the right place!

“We’re being told we need to compete, conform or shrink to fit in a certain standard.  But what if our dreams go beyond the need for approval and feeding the status quo?”

About Me

I’m Ana, former engineer, spiritual guide, writer, entrepreneur, student of life, psychic and a big believer in the potential of human beings to shift the paradigms of the mundane stifling status quo.

My mission in this lifetime is to pave the way for unconventional souls to shine their authenticity out into the world and find their soul purpose.

For the past 8 years, I’ve been “a soul researcher” and obsessed with understanding how reality works, why on Earth we are here and the mysteries of life. Also, my North Node is in Sagittarius and I’m a life path 7, so I had to 😉

Today, I’m beyond greatful to do this work and guide amazing souls to find their unique brilliance, and break free from the confines of the matrix.


New Here?


90 minute Sirian Intensive Healing

During the session, we work through stored emotional & energetical blockages. These are advanced Sirian Healing techniques and you will be in a 100% safe and protected container.


Peel back the layers of conditioning and find your own path. 

This book will be your loyal companion on your Ascension journey back to your brilliant soul, your soul family and your unique purpose.


This blog is designed to help you reconnect with your soul purpose and give more tools and guidance to overcome the obstacles that may have gotten in the way.


♾️Ana O. | in service to unconditional love ♾️